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Lance Austin
Thermadrol gives me energy, without the negative side effects (i.e. increase heart rate, nervousness, etc.) that I have experienced with most other metabolic enhancing products. I promote it freely to all of my clients, peers and acquaintances.

Lance Austin Fitness advocate and trainer


From Steven Seril

Aloha Big Nutrition,

I thought long and hard about how I would begin this testimonial, seeing as how this weight-loss journey has been quite that: a journey with many epic stories, a lot of bearing, and overall a lot to talk about. I played defensive-line in high school, already a heavy-set person who got even heavier to play the position and pursue getting on a collegiate team. My size made me a competitor, but did little else for me. I never went to prom, never had a girlfriend, was rejected more times than my pride will allow me to admit.

No girl would date me or have anything to do with a fat, ugly slob like me. I thought I was trapped in this body. I envied the quarterbacks and other "skill" players who were always leaner and more "ripped" than I ever thought I could be. They got the girls, of course--all of them, until there were none left. I thought it was all genetics and that I was cursed to be the way I was forever. I didn't know any better and thought it was completely normal for a person to eat junk food and a soda for every meal of the day. Looking back now, I'm so mad at myself for letting it come to that and so mad at others for letting me get that bad--encouraging me even. I've learned that I needed to control MYSELF and not leave my health in the hands of cooks and restaurant businesses only concerned with taste and addicting me as a customer.

Having already been warned of my obesity and risk of diabetes (which runs in the family) by a doctor, I weighed myself at one of those 25-cent machines at the mall--just kicked off my shoes and put my things down, leaving only my barely-fitting button-down, dress-pants and socks. I weighed 242 lbs.. Yet even that didn't stop me. I still ate my hamburgers and my hamburger steaks with eggs and gravy (something we call a "loco moco"). To top it off, in my mixed-culture we eat a ton of insulin-spiking refined white-rice and load our plates with meat marinated with everything--every oil and conceivable sauce-- in existence, with no care about what it does to our health.

Then something happened on December 27, 2009. Mark that date. I spent a day with a girl I had once been very much in love with. We went to the museum to see the dinosaur exhibit. I felt like a dinosaur, all gross & sweaty from being out of shape, and of course my physical shape itself. When I saw the pictures of myself and her, it broke my heart. She was still so beautiful and I was... a fat mess. I was so ashamed of how bad it had gotten. Even my 2XL shirt could not disguise the flabs any longer.

That was a year ago... I weighed-in at 138.2 lbs. for this testimonial today, and that's considering a slight muscle-mass gain over the last few months. At my lightest (November 23rd, less than a year after my changes) I was 136.3 lbs. That's a difference of over 100 lbs.. My BMI is perfect, my blood-sugar, triglycerides, cholesterol, and blood-pressure are now all superb. I have more confidence and energy now, and my self-esteem has skyrocketed. Most of all: I achieved THE ABS that everyone wants. The abs came out as early as August and have only gotten more defined as time has gone on. I am even getting ready for a shoot with a modeling agency on the 12th of this month. What a difference!

Now what everyone wants to know: did Thermadrol work for me? The answer is: YES! Especially if you're willing to work WITH it. You HAVE to exercise (walking has been my only form of cardio and I use cheap dumbbells for my resistance-training) and eat less calories, but Thermadrol HELPS a bunch! Underline that. It gives you energy and it controls appetite. That's what you really NEED! I bought my first Thermadrol bottle online in January and have loved it!

It's an awesome thermogenic, but not one that will make you uncomfortably jittery. It is NOT just a caffeine pill. That's what's great! It has a terrific and potent amount of green tea in it, which has a ton of benefits that you actually do feel. Its hydroxycitric acid (HCA) content is also relatively high, which in combination with chromium picolinate, gymnema sylvestre, green tea, and apple cider vinegar (also present in decent amounts) really does help me manage my blood-sugar and appetite. I recommend taking this before breakfast and lunch with water so that the aforementioned sugar/carb control ingredients are able to take effect. I am very excited to be able to share my story with all of you and hope that it inspires you!

Best Wishes,
Coach Steven Seril
Honolulu, HI





Richard Berger

When I look at the obvious and dramatic changes from how I appeared before trying Thermadrol, to the success I've known after following the plan, I still find myself shaking my head in disbelief.

To explain my story in brief, I had ballooned up to a ghastly 268 pounds. Standing at only 5-feet 7-inches tall, that's a lot of excess weight! Having failed over the years with a series of fad diets, I read a review of Thermadrol online and considered giving it a try, with the usual sense of foreboding.

Been there, done that ... or so I thought. Concerns about starting Thermadrol in conjunction with medication I'd been taking for diabetes and elevated blood pressure caused me to first consult with my doctor. He approved the list of ingredients as safe. I placed my first order in October of 2005 and haven't looked back.

My loss of appetite was the first and the most pronounced effect. At
about the same time, I began feeling more energetic. While I didn't suddenly become a gym rat, I found I wanted to get up and walk, or simply move around far more than at any time in recent memory. My activity level continued to increase and, combined with the fact that I was eating less and eating better (cutting way back on the "junk" items by replacing them with healthier substitutes), I was losing an average of 6 - 8 pounds every 3 - 4 weeks.

Over time, my previously skeptical doctor was every bit as delighted with
the results as I. Losing weight too quickly has built-in dangers, he
said; by doing it this way, the chance for permanent success was greatly enhanced.

To make a long story short, I now weigh 180 pounds. While that is
somewhere around 10 - 12 pounds more than I'm hoping to one day achieve, the pictures I'm sending should speak volumes. And while the "before" shot makes me wince, the "after" one makes me proud. I did it ... and Thermadrol was the catalyst, the tool that made it possible. I still take Thermadrol to this day, and consider it to be a lifesaver of the first order.

I have no hesitation in recommending Thermadrol to anyone that is serious about losing weight, be it close to more than the 90 pounds I lost, or less. Along with a commitment to eating the right things in smaller amounts and
becoming more active, Thermadrol has proven itself to me as a safe and
effective product in the promotion of genuine and permanent weight loss.

Thank you,

= Richard Berger =
Vancouver, B.C. Canada


"I could see a difference right away"

-- Tina Hamersmith

"WOW, I lost over 100 Pounds"
 -- Ryan Wilks

"I love being skinny!"
-- Happ Klein

"My son is so proud of me now"
 -- Denise Dorff

"My friends always compliment me now!"
-- Carry Smith

"Thermadrol helped me to lose weight by stopping my cravings for snacks between meals, I didn't believe that the product would work, but I ordered it anyway. My husband said that I didn't need to lose weight, he said that I was beautiful, I still just wasn't happy with myself. Thermadrol gave me the energy I needed to motivate me when I didn't want to go to the gym. I felt the difference right away. I lost 10 pounds in the first 10 days!"
-- Tracy Duncan

"Many times I would go home and cry because I was overweight. Even my own son called me names and was embarrassed of me. Everyone said it was my fault I was overweight and I believed it was so. I lost weight daily with Thermadrol and was so excited to wake up every morning to weigh myself."
-- Jennifer Peterson


"I lost 75 pounds in one year with Thermadrol"
-- Grace Landau

"I couldn't believe how much energy it gave me"
-- Dutch Fitzpatrick

"Thermadrol got me back to the size I was when I was in high school, almost 20 years ago"
-- Shannon O'maley

"Thermadrol was just the thing I needed to get back into shape"
 -- Don Newkirk

"Im in the best shape of my entire life, thanks to Thermadrol"
--Daniel Jenkins

"Before Thermadrol,I had no energy to workout, now I am there 2 hours a day"
-- Omar Jackson

Thank you so much for saving my life. I hope that this video will help others to take the chance and reach their goals and dreams.

Korin W.


"Thermadrol saved my life, by getting me down to an ideal weight after my surgery"
-- Frances Galipoli

"A product like this comes around once in a lifetime, I never felt this good about the way I look"
-- George Bernal

"Thermadrol gave my metabolism that jump start it desparetly needed"
-- Karen lapalgia

"I can't believe I lost 10 lbs. in one week, Thanks Thermadrol"
-- Amy Wallace

"Without a doubt this is the best product I have used, and I have used them all"
-- Erica Howard

"Hands down the best weight loss product I have ever tried"
-- Lynn Cho

"Thermadrol started working for me almost immediatley"
-- William Polk

"Thanks to Thermadrol I can keep up with my twin 2 year old boys, I have never had this much energy"
-- Diane Hightower

"My friends can't belive how much weight I lost, they keep asking me how I did it, all I say is THERMADROL."
-- Dawn Ruiz